Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Paiquiri vs. The Brookhaven Station Summer Kick Off

Have you ever been walking through a fine establishment such as Wal-Mart and seen those extremely brightly colored pouches near the wine and beer section? The ones that very loudly proclaim that, “The alcohol is in it!” These bizarre contraptions look like grown-up juice boxes gone wrong. For a long time, I laughed at them and walked on by, but for two dollars there was only so long that I could ignore the siren cry of the unknown beverage.

Made by the Daily’s brand, these charming things come with the directions to freeze for eight hours and gently massage before serving. Personally, I don’t want to play masseuse to my cocktail, but I suppose we should get to know each other before I consume it? I’m currently sipping on the margarita version (which is not entirely frozen since I didn’t wait the required third of a day that it takes for it to freeze) and I can honestly say that I’m not very impressed. The taste is nothing like something “right out of the blender,” it’s a little too sickeningly sweet and doesn’t have the bite of a good margarita.

I was confused at first, since these drinks were being sold in grocery stores, but upon looking at the backs of them I found out why this could be legal. Instead of making their Cosmos and Bloody Mary’s with the required liquor, Daily’s is making them with wine. What kind of wine is never specified on the package, but wine nonetheless. No wonder my margarita doesn’t taste quite right. The convenience of being able to buy a cold treat along with my groceries can be weighed against the fact that it’s missing the main ingredient that makes it what I like. I’ve taken to renaming these concoctions. They are no longer “Daily’s: Ready to Drink,” but the pouch daiquiri or The Paiquiri. The name is spreading among the company I work for, beware Daily’s. All in all, it’s not an unpleasant drink. It’s cold and cheap and I really would buy them again just to see if the other flavors can compare to their actual mixed drink counterparts.

On an unrelated subject, there’s an event on the horizon! This Saturday, June 18th, is the Brookhaven Station Summer Kick Off.

Where: Pub 71, 4058 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30319
When: 5:00 pm
Phone for info: 404-467-8217
Cover: None

Pub 71, Mellow Mushroom and Hudson Grille are teaming up to get summer going on the right foot. Live music is going to be provided by the Todd Wells Band from 5-9 with DJ Vallee following from 9-close, so be sure to come out and enjoy them. The evening will be featuring Sweetwater 420, Sweetwater Blue, and Sch’Wheat, so I know that I’ll be there as soon as I get off work for the day to relax for a bit. You can’t go wrong when an Irish pub, a pizza joint and a sports bar team up to throw a beer and music hangout. I’ll be taking pictures and talking to people, so come and be sociable as I get to know my new neighborhood! I’m pretty sure that in a battle of wills, the Summer Kick Off will definitely be trumping the Paiquiri, but we’ll just have to wait and see!


  1. Wine does not a margarita make.

    But now I feel like I have to go purchase one of these just to see how bad they are...

    You're lovely, though! Awesome blog, milady. ;-D

  2. They could be much worse, in all honesty. I had the pomegranate acai one last night and it was pleasant enough. But you really should try them, they're only two dollars. :P