Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh hello there

Hi there. I’m Katie.  I recently relocated to the Buckhead area and I have no idea what to do with myself once I get off work every day. So this will be my attempt to find out.  Together we’re going to find the best places in the ATL that won’t completely destroy my budget. Which is not large. Unfortunately. But that seems to be the case with most people I know, so we’ll call this a learning experience and go from there. I’ve been working on the regular, which is a gift and a curse, so I haven’t been out all that much yet, but I’m hoping to change that all kinds of soon.  

I’m totally open for suggestions on what I should be doing with my life and my drinking/playtime habits, so you kids just keep me up to date on what you’re doing and we can all poke around this shiny city together. Be expecting some pretty regular posts and keep an eye on Bar and Drinker Magazine ( for more blogs. Rad, I’ll keep these coming.

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