Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smirnoff Popsicles

Good evening, Atlanta! Let’s talk about a way to beat this nasty heat. Though to begin, I’d like to apologize for the terrible lapse in postings as of late. I’ve been moving into a new place in the city and that sordid business really takes over your life. But enough of that. Moving any amount of furniture up a set of outside stairs in the middle of a Georgia summer is an absolutely miserable experience. A similarly unpleasant occurrence is having too small of an amount of anything left in a bottle to do something worthwhile with! Now, I would generally just finish it off (in this case the ‘it’ in question is the very bottom of a bottle of Smirnoff Cosmopolitan – not mine, I swear I bought it for a friend!) but there were far greater moments of brilliance to be had today than just finishing it up!

With the temperature steadily climbing up to and past a hundred degrees in the middle of the city, there are many tasty treats that can be made. My particular snack of choice today will be a cranberry apple Cosmo popsicle. All I did was mix the dregs of the bottle with some crystal light and we’re going to be good to go. They should be done freezing in just a bit and I will be more than happy to sample them. I think this will be quite an excellent experiment, there will be more creative endeavors in the near future so I’ll be sure to keep you posted. I would love something frozen with whiskey in it, that is definitely next on the list. As for now, stay inside!

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